10 Tips for travel company to attract new customers and retain old ones !
10 Tips for travel company to attract new customers and retain old ones !

15 June 2020

We as a human being are never satisfied, we should never be in terms of growth and progress. Same rule is applicable in terms of any kind of business especially travel industry. As it comes under service industry, everything revolves around the customers and when you see a sudden fall down in your customer base, then it is a clear indication that your travel company is not on the right track. Travel company has to be always aware about the upcoming trends in the market, competitors, customers changing preferences etc. to welcome new customers in and never give full stop to your business. Are you keen to know the different ways that you can not only attract but attract and retain new customers? Then here are few factors that can help a travel company to large extent to attract new customers and makes sure that your customer count will never decrease. Let’s go through them one by one.

1.Don’t have a website yet?: If you are the one with a travel company which is very well known, who has a large customer base but does not have an online presence, then this is for you. You already have your loyal customers to spread positive word of mouth for your travel company, what you have to do is to create a unique website with all the details with the presence of media to create eye catchy impression for travelers and share your existing customers memorable travel experience as testimonials on the website.

2. Reference bonus: We have always followed give and take attitude over the years, let’s make it applicable here. Ask existing customers to spread a word for you with their family members and other social group and in return gift them something like a reference gift, any valuable discount for a particular trip or any other thing that will motivate them to keep the great work go on.

3. Branding through social media : Social media has created a unique opportunity for all of us to create our own identity, to create a brand, to grab infinite customers across the globe, to increase sales and the most important thing is toget social with everyone around the world without having to meet them in person. So make use of multiple social platforms to the fullest by creating your presence online. Create your travel company’s page, invite members to follow it, introduce your travel company in brief, let them know about your services, USP’s, special offers etc. and then get ready to see the customers coming to your doorstep. Isn’t it a magic?

4. Join hands with local companies: This is the best way to gain new customers as sharing is caring. Join hands with other local companies. Promote them and ask them to promote you in return.

5. Know the customers you are serving: Plan in advance the customers you are planning to reach. Know them very well before they reach you. Understand their choices and preferences and think how you can provide value to them.

Now the above mentioned factors are the direct ways to attract new customers but don’t just totally rely on them as they will just act as an easy entry ticket for new ones but once they are in and turn unhappy with your service, you might end up losing them forever. so it is always advisable that along with the direct ways mentioned above, every travel company should also focus on the below mentioned points which might sound like the indirect process of attracting new customers but is very effective in long run. Once you are internally strong, you always have right to invite new customers with confidence. This will not only help you to gain new customers but also help retain the existing ones.

1. Keep an eye on upcoming technology : The points above mentioned are perfect to attract customers to your travel company but not sufficient. Just imagine customers are ready to join hands with you after your long term efforts, but not receiving the service they imagined from you or you promised them to deliver. So make sure that you are not leaving customers empty hand. Make your service up to the mark with the help of trending technology like using application specially built for travel companies like tour operator software / travel agency software to simplify daily tasks, maintain accuracy, providing quick support to customersusing chat boat without making customers to wait for your replyetc. Maintaining smooth internal application flow will result in performance improvement both in terms of operations and customers which will attract them towards you and will help retain existing customers.

2. Expand your services : Don’t be just limited about the services you provide. Initially you might be due to the limited resources and many other reasons but once you are on board and want to reach mass audience then expand your service as a travel company. With basic service of only providing tour packages, expand your service to provide transport facility, nice meal facility which is very rare to get, visa/passport facility for international tours and many more.Make your travel company a one stop solution for travelers where they find everything they want.

3.Responsive structure : As number of mobile users has grown to the large extent than desktop users, structure of the software should be responsive to provide good experience to the customers who access software through mobile or any other device.

4. Provide variety: Every traveler nowadays is looking for variety in tour packages. Everyone loves customization. So provide variety of tour packages like group tours, package tours, special tours, holiday packages, honeymoon special, corporate tours, mice tours so as to welcome variety of customers with no age barrier. Make your travel company an open place for everyone.

5. Be unique : Always look out for some unique ways to delight your customers. Innovate new ideas to make their travelling experience a memorable one by arranging any kind of engaging activity so you as a travel company will equally contribute to the particular destinations beauty in satisfying and engaging your customers.

6. Motivate employees : Your employees can be a driving force behind gaining new customers. Reward employees for their genuine efforts of growing your travel business. Keep your employees happy so they will make customers happy.

7. Personal touch: In today’s era, one thing is missing and that is personal touch. You might get bigger in terms of business, sales with the help of technology but the thing that will keep you connected with your customers is giving them the sense of belongingness. Make them feel special, make them understand that you are there for them. Make a perfect blend of technology and empathy and try to get the best out of it for your customers. For ex. As mentioned the use of chat boat for quick reply which involves the use of technology but at the same time it reflects personal touch which implies that we are here for you 24*7

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