Financial year can be a great start to switch to automated travel agency software !
Financial year can be a great start to switch to automated travel agency software !

15 June 2020

New year has to be started with new resolution be it be in your personal life or in your professional life. Same way new financial year has to be started with new goal, new activities and new plans for your running travel business. Every new year creates a good opportunity for us to start something new with. So if you are worried about the decisions you couldn’t take last year, then it’s never too late to start something innovative and motivating this year.

Here we will focus especially on travel industry. Travel industry as a whole is a huge term and it has to deal with infinite number of challenges as the competition in this field is increasing day by day and the evolving technology itself poses a big challenge. So to conquer this competition and multiple challenges coming in way, travel industry need to stay updated with current technology and travel agency software is one of them.

How does Travel Agency Software brings automation in travel business?

Travel agency software is a complete automated travel technology which automates entire back office tasks, CRM activities, accounts & finance, supplier management, report generation, business promotion, HR management etc. activities of travel business with its modern features, speed up travel business operations and brings efficiency and accuracy to business processes. This is a proven technology that every travel company is using now. This is the ultimate way to satisfy your customers by providing quick response to their queries, business growth and boost your sales.

Now as a travel owner, if you are already using any travel software, then check out for the benefits you got from it till now and the weak areas of software to work on. For travel companies, who are already using travel agency software, then here is a quick guideline to crosscheck the functionality of the software you are using in all possible angles and to check whether it is worthy of your valuable efforts, time and money?

Are you using generic travel CRM software?
If you are using generic CRM software, then it is of no use. As it will not address your core problems. CRM completely designed for tour and travel companies will work completely.

Does it solve huge accounting calculations for you and brings accuracy?
How accurate your accounting processes are? It should auto generate proforma invoice, receipts, tax invoice, balance sheet entries, P& L entries, cash book, bank book entries etc.

How would you rate it on support basis?
This is the most important feature of tour operator software, as without proper support implementation of system would be impossible. Support should be available through multiple channels such as chat, sms, video, user manual, email etc.

What support options are available?
As mentioned above, multi-channel support from the support team is must wherever needed and for easy implementation. It boosts your confidence and chances of recommending the software to other increases.

Did you receive any training before starting using it?
Training is the first parameter that should be considered while checking the performance of the software. Without proper training of each and every module, proceeding further for implementation becomes difficult. It’s your vendor company’s responsibility to arrange demo sessions for you and give you training of every module.

Does it auto generates reports important to your travel business analysis & growth?
Besides all the key features, report generation is of utmost importance, as it gives the complete analysis of health of travel company. Multiple reports like tour report, customer report, accounts report, business report, HR report are very essential to understand travel business process, flaws in processes, strengths of company and to take correct decision whenever required.

Does any margin available for customization parameters?
This also plays a major role in performance analysis. Standardized software may not address all problems your travel agency is dealing with, so customization is required to the possible extent.

Does it have any provision for quick reminders & alerts?
Alerts and reminders serves a special purpose of reminding travel operators about payment alerts and reminders, customer birthday alerts so as not to miss anything or any activity that needs to be done on their side.

Is it helping you in travel business promotion?
It should provide business promotion feature. As a travel owner you should be able to promote special offers to the customers through what’s app, SMS, email etc.

How easy it is to use and install?
Software should be very easy to understand, use and install. Installation period shouldn’t be more than few hours.

Any maintenance cost required?
Is should involve only one-time investment cost.

Now after answering all above questions, pen it down and think about whether this software is worth your effort, price and most importantly time. If it’s not, then this new year brings the perfect opportunity for you to rectify your mistakes and think about starting this new year with something positive, innovative by purchasing all in one tour operator software to automate travel business operations and boost sales.

The above mentioned guidelines which we are using to crosscheck the proper working of travel software, the same points can be considered as a benchmark while making a purchase decision.

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