17 April 23


CRM caring everything

When we talk about Customer Relationship Management, then the name itself gives us a clear idea of what it is all about. As customer is the key part of any business, managing entire customer related activities becomes an important task. Now apart from other business, customer is the center of attraction (customer is king) especially for service industries and when we talk about travel industry, then it starts and ends with customers.

The major goal of any travel company is to provide quick service and superior experience to their customers. So not paying any heed to them or the activities/data related to them may bring a major fall down in travel business.

Pre sales activity quite easy in software

Now when we think of manually managing this entire travel business related CRM tasks like inquiry management, follow up management, cancellation/ refund management, alerts/reminders management and many such data related to your valuable customers, it may lead to inaccuracy and can be very troublesome in terms of time and effort.

So Travel CRM Software is specially designed for the same purpose which takes this huge responsibility for you and makes your job very easy with its effective automated features. Good CRM software should be flexible enough to provide customized features as per travel company’s requirements, efficient, improve customer experience and last but not the least is it should be easy to use.

How to choose CRM software?

Now wondering about where and how you will find complete CRM software to address your travel business CRM related needs? Then iTours is the perfect choice for you. iTours is a one stop travel CRM software for small to large scale travel companies to operate their CRM tasks efficiently with its unique features.

It gives a complete 360 degree view of customers. iTours CRM feature enables the smooth accomplishment of customer related activities with its easy to use single login dashboard. It not only improves customer experience but also helps in increasing customer loyalty towards your brand. The main focus of this feature is to automate travel company’s CRM activities and help them move towards complete paperless work thus by reducing the need of maintaining lots of papers.

iTours CRM feature facilitates easy lead management. Let’s take a glimpse of key features of iTours CRM module.

Get data-driven detailed analytics.
iTours CRM module features:
  • Capture Inquiries from multiple sources and allocate it
  • Easy follow up and daily reminders
  • Generate the missing follow-up report
  • Auto generate hotel, transfer & activity service vouchers
  • Customized reports creation as per lead status
  • Gives a complete overview of all bookings
  • Booking wise checklist creation based on services
  • Multiple customized package quotation creation based on destination
  • Set periodic alerts and reminders
  • Promote forthcoming attractions/ offers/ discounts easily.
  • Enables connecting with customers and get customer feedback easily and instantly.
  • Allocates responsibilities to the team member and gives quick notifications.
  • Invoicing, receipts, vouchers and overall accounting management

iTours is the leading CRM software for travel agency which is designed as per the changing needs of clients. It can be customized as per particular travel company’s CRM needs. iTours user friendly and very well organized CRM platform is guaranteed to help you serve your customers in a better and more efficient way.

If you are interested and keen to know about how iTours CRM software is the right solution for your travel company to become more efficient in terms of managing CRM activities, then please visit our website: www.itouroperatorsoftware.com/ and reach us at www.itouroperatorsoftware.com/contact.php. It is always our pleasure to serve you.

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