Responsive website design is the best weapon for travel industry to achieve rapid business growth by providing the best user experience.
Responsive website design is the best weapon for travel industry to achieve rapid business growth by providing the best user experience.

15 June 2020

Creating a travel website is the need of travel companies due to heavy competition. Everybody strives to keep their business on the top, ahead of the competitors, and creating an online presence is one of the measures to compete. We are aware of the fact that gone are the days when businesses used to promote themselves by traditional means. Now we live in the digital era so customers also expect digital solutions from the Travel company.Now when it comes to website creation, we as website users demand-responsive design. It poses the question of what is responsive website design means?

What is Responsive website?

It is an approach to creating a dynamic website structure that is suitable for multiple devices and thus provides users the best UI experience while browsing the website. Responsive design adjusts its content as per the screen size and orientation of the device user is using. As people are becoming more techno-savvy, mobile use has been increased than desktop, tablet, and personal computer. User prefers to browse a website on mobile as it provides ease of use, and it can be accessed anywhere and anytime using a mobile device.

Creating multiple versions of your travel website for mobile as well as for desktop devices is a time-consuming task as it involves content management, maintenance, and marketing of each website which also involves huge costsi in the entire process. Responsive website design is the perfect solution to the above problem. Responsive design allows website creation in such a manner that all the efforts need to be done on a single website to make it a perfect fit for multiple devices users would probably use.

Advantages of creating responsive travel website design:

  • Best fit for all devices:
    Adjusting content size, screen resolution can sometimes irritate users and will force them to move to your competitor. Responsive design helps get rid of these problems. Users can browse the website in the best possible way on any device.
  • Convenient to users:
    Nowadays everyone is more tends to use smartphones for any transactional or booking activity as it is more convenient to the users because users can complete their activity on the go. Responsive website design allows users to book their tour or do any activity on the website on a smartphone and thus does not put any limitation or location barrier.
  • More conversion rate:
    Responsive websites help achieve desired conversion rate on the mobile device.
  • Low maintenance, low cost:
    A single user-friendly responsive website performs way better than multiple versions of a single non-responsive website. It involves the maintenance of a single website which is a cost-effective solution and saves your valuable time.
  • Search Engine friendly:
    When it comes to search engines, then responsive websites are search engine friendly and they are favorite. Websites will benefit your travel business when it will be easily visible to your target audience when it is searched. Responsive websites are more likely to perform well on google SRRP due to their structure and thus achieves users credibility and in turn help in business growth.

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